We believe that good service speaks louder that fancy leaflets and state-of-the-art marketing, and it is for this reason that we keep a flat fee and limited bank holiday extra charges.  Our rates are as follows:

Regular                                                                    Bank Holiday

One visit per day             £ 11.00                   One visit per day            £ 20.00

Two visits per day          £ 18.00                    Two visits per day           £ 30.00


Payment is received after providing the service,  postdated cheque or bank transfer.


We listen, first and foremost, to the instructions given by the owner, as you are best placed to know what your pet needs: we scrupulously follow the routine and information provided.

The questionnaire provided will give you an opportunity to give  us relevant information such as name and age of your cat or small pet, their history (rescue cat? always been with you family? Etc.) and anything relevant we need to know (likes and dislikes, habits, character etc.).

Visits are between 7.00 am and 8.00 pm. Length depends on the cat/pet, but after having placed new food/water, changed the litter etc. I will spend time with your cat and will write a daily diary, indicating time of visit and anything of relevance.


If your pet is unwell, s/he will be taken to the vet and payment will be made on your behalf (refundable on return).


I am happy to water plants, water the garden, put the rubbish uot, leave light on and off to put off burglers etc., no extra charge.

Any other questions, please contact me!



Stretham Hill Veterinary Surgery     http://www.streathamhillvets.co.uk/

David Cuffe     http://www.cuffevets.com/welcome.aspx

Rod Henney and Associates    http://www.rodhenneyvets.co.uk/

Blackheath Veterinary Surgery   http://www.blackheathvets.co.uk/

Elisabeth Street Veterinary Surgery   http://www.elizabethstreetvets.co.uk/

John Hankinson Veterinary Surgery   http://www.johnhankinsonvet.co.uk/home.html

Animal Charities

RSPCA                            http://www.rspca.org.uk/home

Cats Protection                 http://www.cats.org.uk/

Give a pet a home            http://www.giveapetahome.co.uk/catcharities.htm

Celia Hammond                http://www.celiahammond.org/

Cat Cuddles                     http://www.catcuddles.org.uk/

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