Cat life

What does it mean when your cat miaows?

Good question! Many researchers have spent a great deal of time trying to decipher ‘cat language’, to no avail: apparently each and every miaow has a different meaning! Cats don’t make any sound in the wild, and generally feline communication is ‘non-verbal’ e.i. silent body langauge, scent language and a very limited amount of vocal communication.

Dr John Bradshaw, author of the best-selling book ‘Cat Sense’, explains: ‘The cat learns that a miaow gets attention and that after a miaow something rewarding will happen, like getting fed or let out. So it is a learned signal to humans’. Precisely! Cats learn a huge amount from us, and one may even say that certain relationships cat-human are almost symbiotic: have you noticed how pets seems to look like their owners?




A few interesting facts about miaowing!

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