Cat care

Cat Nutrition: Best Organic Brands

Organic food is the best, and we are lucky because there are quite a few trusted companies that specialise in organics for cats: I have selected the best ones for you to see, why not try something new? Cats love to have variety with their food so the following can be the perfect treat for your baby -ooops sorry I meant four-legged feline baby!


Lily’s Kitchen

Lily’s kitchen is based in North London but their prepare the food in the middle of the countryside! Their food is complete, natural and grain free. I love the packaging, it feels like food made with love: I bet it’s really slurpy!



100%  organic chicken-based products suitable for cats and dogs, Yarrah only uses the best organic ingredients.

Headquarters based in the Netherlands.


Honey Real Cat Food

Coming soon, watch this space! They seem promising: natural yummy healthy food, seems good to me.


US based company, Organix produces cat and dog food to the highest standards.


Biologically appropriate food sourced from fresh regional ingredients, based in Alberta, Canada.

…and for a little more information about cat nutrition and what is appropriate for a cat diet please see the following sites!

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