Cat care

Fireworks: tips to ease stress

Not all cats are perturbed by fireworks, however the ones who are seems to be really miserable and anxious: mine don’t seem to be however you do see some anxiety and they tend to stay indoors. So here are a few ideas I hope can help!

Stock up on calming plug-in diffusers. are

cat fireworks 1apparently good, but there are many brands out there. They do have a calming effect on cats.

cat fireworksCalming music and massage: why not? Not only cats respond to music, they also respond to massage! I used to do Indian head massage  as a therapist and I have applied those ‘moves’ to my cats who seem to absolutely love it! You basically take the neck in one hand and form small circles on both sides; they also like that behind the ears. I’ll soon do a demonstration on this site 🙂

cat fireworks 3If your cat is indeed scared, s/he will hide where s/he feels safe: let them be. They feel safe there and they will come out when they feel confident enough: cats prefer to be left to cope with distress on their own, rather than being picked up.

above all keep them safe at home 🙂

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