Family life

Cats and dogs

The following article on ‘Your Cat’  ( issue March 2013, somewhat piques my curiosity: can a dog be a cat’s best friend? Please have a look at this, it’s interesting!


Cats and dogs can, in my experience, forge a good relationship. I lived on a farm in my youth for a length of time: we were graced with three dogs, nine cats, a horse, and various farm animals. Cats and dogs used to get along grandly! They used to sleep in a little outdoor wooden house in a big bundle and the dogs never chased the cats-they did chase the occasional rat and field mouse, but that was all! One of the cats became best buddy with the horse, and she started sleeping in his box, which was a rather clever move as he was like a big heater for a small cat! Cat and horse were inseparable.

A friendship between cat and dog though probably depends on the environment they are in and how they can co-habit, but I can say that on hour farm things were quite harmonious between the two species!

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