2013 greetings

2013 is here in earnest…

…and it’s a busy start! I’ve been back to work since the 29th and let me tell you it’s been a slow start. There is a headache bug here in London and of course I’ve caught it; so I’ve been dragging myself around London looking after kitties- they didn’t seem to mind and were actually particularly nice to me! Today I’ve walked a long-standing client of mine, a lovely beagle by the name of Libby and thankfully I was much much better; Clapham Common also seemed nicer after a break and I didn’t feel grumpy at all, in spite of the customary rain.

I’ll be herenon-stop for the next months so please do give me a call if you need cat/pet care- late bookings are perfectly fine, I know that sometimes it’s nice to be spontaneous, or a business trip does crop up. Mind you I am always happy to walk small dogs too depending on availability so if you know anyone who is looking for a trustworthy and caring petcarer please give them my details!

I have a very good feeling about 2013 for some reason, and I hope you too feel optimistic: I hope your holidays were very good! A hug to you all and to your very special pets!


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