Pets in illustrated books

Illustrated books are aimed at children, but one has to admire the skill and creativity of certain talented illustrators: personally I love children’s books and especially the ones that tell the story of a beloved pet. Why are they so charming? Well, there is nothing as poetic and beautiful as the friendship with a beloved pet: pet owners will understand what I mean. What makes YOUR pet special is the connection you have with them: it’s unique, and it’s a friendship that influences both the pet and the human. A friendship with an animal can literally change a human being.

I collect children’s illustrated books with cat/pet stories and I would like to introduce you to my latest acquisitions! How sweet are these books????? You decide 🙂

Wanted: The Perfect Pet

A boy desperately wants a dog, the perfect pet! He gets a lonely duck instead, who cleverly disguises himself as a dog…except the disguise is soon uncovered. The boy is at first disappointed but soon they become best fo friends.










Six Dinner Sid

A cat simultaneously ‘lives’ in six homes! All goes swiftly until he gets ill: the six ‘owners’ realise what Sid has been up to and agree to only give him one dinner. Sid has the solution to that…he moves to another street, an finds six new owners…

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