A street cat named Bob

The Islington Tribune

Has anybody come across the book ‘A street cat named Bob’? Isn’t it the sweetest book? It’s the real-life story of how a ginger cat- Bob – changes a busker’s life in an unexpected way. I read a few pages while queuing in WHS- I was hooked.

BBC interview:

In the above interview Bob’s owner describes how his life can be described as ‘before Bob’ and ‘after Bob’: isn’t this true for all pet owners though, perhaps in a less dramatic way? I can certainly relate to the emotional benefits of living with pets. I was recently reading how Labradors have been employed to help children with problems: it was found that taking care of a dog helped the children become more able to express feelings. Pets have also been introduced in hospitals to help patients with the healing process. Owning a pet is a wonderful experience.

Below you can find the link to the book!

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