Pet care

A pet is forever

It’s a sad reality of the holiday season, that many pets will be ‘discarded’ during the holidays; this is all the more heartbreaking, as temperatures are rather severe. Many animals will die of hypothermia or starvation.  Animal charities and shelters register  record numbers of arrivals during festivities or Summer. This has been aggravated by the current financial climate of uncertainty or duress for certain families.

All the above is incredibly sad; especially due to the fact that, in my opinion, there is something skewed with the motivations that lead someone to acquire a pet in first place. The pet is not viewed as a living being who has feelings and is emotionally able of attachment, but merely as a little more than a teddy-bear, or a ‘commodity’ to enjoy. This is the only explanation for ‘discarding’ the pet once it becomes inconvenient, the same way one would get rid of the old TV or the Christmas tree, once Christmas is over.

A pet is forever! A pet is a living being; cats and dogs especially have distinct personalities, emotions that are as evolved as the ones of a child, and strong feelings of attachments and loyalty towards their mum/dad and human family. We are, to our pets, like parents!

When I lost my cat for  a week, I could not believe how empty the house seemed, without her quiet presence (and constant requests for food: but that’s another story!).  I felt incredibly sad. People must have a heart of stone, to abandon a pet that way! I personally blame the ‘consumerist’ mentality created by the media. Pets are not goods! They are small people :)

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